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[dm-devel] Re: A simple, generic DM-API, for codecs/transcoders to use?

Navid Zamani wrote:
Hello DM mailing list.

I a have a simple question:
Is there a way to use the device-mapper to hang an arbitrary program
in-between a real block device, and the virtual device created by the


In case you are interested in the reasons: Modern consumer HDDs do not
have any ECC, but they get less and less reliable.

I don't think this is correct. All disks use ECC; cheap disks just don't use strong enough ECC. 4K sectors may fix this in the distant future.

So I decided to put my whole archive on a partititon with software-based
ECC. And because I could not find something that resembled this, I chose
to implement it myself.

Honestly I would use RAID + Btrfs instead of software ECC. But if you're determined to go down this path, you may want to investigate LDPC instead of RS.

Wes Felter - wesley felter org

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