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[dm-devel] multipath-tools/multipath multipath.rules

CVSROOT:	/cvs/dm
Module name:	multipath-tools
Branch: 	RHEL5_FC6
Changes by:	bmarzins sourceware org	2009-06-23 18:49:12

Modified files:
	multipath      : multipath.rules 

Log message:
	Remove udev rule to make multipath run on device addition.
	Fix for bz #506715. Not applicable upstream.


--- multipath-tools/multipath/multipath.rules	2006/11/27 21:51:25	1.11
+++ multipath-tools/multipath/multipath.rules	2009/06/23 18:49:12
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
 # multipath wants the devmaps presented as meaninglful device names
 # so name them after their devmap name
 SUBSYSTEM!="block", GOTO="end_mpath"
-KERNEL!="dm-[0-9]*", ACTION=="add", PROGRAM=="/bin/bash -c '/sbin/lsmod | /bin/grep ^dm_multipath'", RUN+="/sbin/multipath -v0 %M:%m"
+# KERNEL!="dm-[0-9]*", ACTION=="add", PROGRAM=="/bin/bash -c '/sbin/lsmod | /bin/grep ^dm_multipath'", RUN+="/sbin/multipath -v0 %M:%m"
 KERNEL!="dm-[0-9]*", GOTO="end_mpath"
 PROGRAM!="/sbin/mpath_wait %M %m", GOTO="end_mpath"
 ACTION=="add", RUN+="/sbin/dmsetup ls --target multipath --exec '/sbin/kpartx -a -p p' -j %M -m %m"

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