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Re: [dm-devel] REQUEST for new 'topology' metrics to be moved out of the 'queue' sysfs directory.

On Thursday June 25, martin petersen oracle com wrote:
> >>>>> "Neil" == NeilBrown  <neilb suse de> writes:
> And just to make it clear: I completely agree with your argument that
> which knob to choose is I/O size dependent.  My beef with your proposal
> is that I believe the length of the list should be 2.

0, 1, or infinity are the only credible sizes for this sort of list.

However I feel I've written enough on this particular issue (the
particular meaning of the various fields, not the directory location
which I still feel strongly about).

Providing the fields are clearly and unambiguously documented so that
it I can use the documentation to verify the implementation (in md at
least), I will be satisfied.  And if the names of the files actually
match the documented meaning (so e.g. s/io/write/) I might even be

I'm looking forward to seeing how you justify the name
"physical_block_size" in a way the encompasses possibilities like a
device that stripes over a heterogeneous set of disk drives ;-)


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