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Re: [dm-devel] [PATCH multipath-tools-0.4.7.rhel5.13 1/1] multipathd excessive path checker logging

Benjamin Marzinski wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 01:50:51PM -0400, Charlie Brady wrote:
>> multipathd logs a path checker message whenever state changes. But it also 
>> logs every non-changed message when verbosity is >=4 and newstate is 
>> PATH_UP or PATH_GHOST, and every non-changed message when verbosity is >= 2 
>> and newstate is PATH_DOWN.
>> I believe that the message should only be logged, once, when state changes.
> I disagree.  If you look at the stuff that gets logged when verbosity >=
> 4, you'll see that it's a whole bunch of stuff that normal users would
> never care about, but may be useful for debugging.  This clearly fits.
> I also think that having a path down is something that shouldn't just
> blip by once in the logs.  It's something that often requires the
> sysadmin to intervene. I could see limitting it to, say, only happen
> on every tenth pass through the checker loop, so that these messages
> don't clog up the logs so bad. But since there is the option to set the
> verbosity to 1 to avoid this, I think that printing the path down
> messages repeatedly is useful.
Agreed strongly. There is nothing more annoying than having 'one-sided'
messages, like printing a path down message _without_ any accompanying
path up message.

That sort of thing always messes up debugging.


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