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Re: [dm-devel] Multipath failover issues


257 Critical 2009-03-11 10:38:43 ALERT:Redundant Controller Failure
Detected (Slot B)

I also found additional logs from /var/log/messages which i did not check earlier.

Mar 11 10:32:46 multipathd: sdc: readsector0 checker reports path is down
Mar 11 10:32:46 multipathd: checker failed path 8:32 in map infortrend01
Mar 11 10:32:46 multipathd: infortrend01: remaining active paths: 1
Mar 11 10:32:46 multipathd: sdd: readsector0 checker reports path is down
Mar 11 10:32:46 multipathd: checker failed path 8:48 in map infortrend01

Does this timing correspond to when you turned off the controller ?

This is when the controller failed. The controller shutdown happened much later.

Iam assuming it must have been busy for a few secs during the switch over and the multipath config doesn't wait enough for the switchover to work.

Answer to your previous question would help here :)

Set no_path_retry to "queue", which would queue the I/Os when "all" the
paths fail.

Iam not sure if i can do this as well. Aren't we creating an illusion that the storage subsystem is fine and queuing requests when actually the subsystem is gone ? What actually is done for queuing and there must be some limits for the queue as well right ?

If the behavior seen above was caused by the storage and will be
rectified in an acceptable (to the user) time, then this parameter
setting would solve your problem.

Iam checking this with infortrend.

BTW, have you seen the I/O successfully been sent to the lun (both paths
- you can use iostat to check it) before you failed the controller ? (I
am trying to see if your config settings are proper).

Iam doing a post mortem of the redundant controller failure here :). I dug out what was done after the controller failure.

* Primary Controller failed and failover to secondary did not work
* Multipath failed both paths and ext3 went read only
* Postgres crashed
* When they logged in and ran (multipath -v2 -ll), they saw both paths active - I cannot find any multipath log entries which shows paths reinstated until 11:50 - which was after controller shutdown and power cycle. * The filesystem was mounted again (without fsck) and database started (This answers your question abt IO to the LUNs i think)
* Postgres recovered and was shutdown immediately and /data unmounted.
* After this the controllers on the infotrend was shutdown and the device power cycled.

PS : Iam digging up the entire multipath logs instead of posting snippets here - will add to pastebin and send the link over


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