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[dm-devel] Changes in multipathing between 0.4.5 (SLES9) and 0.4.7 (SLES10)


I just ran into a strange difference in the behavious of multipathing
between SLES9 and SLES10. While SLES9 seemed to ignore single-pathed
disks like volumes on the internal RAID controller of IBM xSeries,
SLES10 welcomes them leading to different pathes in /etc/fstab.

There is a lot of our software involved in this behavious, so let's just
say that the change is unwelcome ;-)

We have for now overcome this by blacklisting the internal RAID
controller. But there are many types of RAID controllers involved (the
machines have all hardware-mirrored internal disks), so we would like to
have a better solution.

Is there a way to tell the multipath-tools to ignore devices that have
only a single path? I found nothing in the multipath.conf manpage, but
maybe I read it wrong.

Thanks for any help!
Luipe Christoph
| There is no substitute for bad design except worse design.                   |
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