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Re: [dm-devel] [PATCH 1 of 1] Updated cluster log patch

I will repost a patch with the necessary changes shortly. I will try to answer your concerns in this e-mail.


On Apr 6, 2009, at 7:52 PM, Alasdair G Kergon wrote:

On Thu, Apr 02, 2009 at 09:40:35AM -0500, Jon Brassow wrote:
There is a kernel component (provided in this patch) and a
user space component.  The kernel component implements the
logging interface and passes all requests to userspace via
'connector' (a netlink wrapper).  The userspace daemon is
built upon OpenAIS for cluster communication and is fault

+	tristate "Mirror cluster logging (EXPERIMENTAL)"
+	select CONNECTOR

How does that interact with dependencies that CONNECTOR itself has?
Does it always behave correctly and sensibly?
Would another 'depends on' be better?

If I use 'depends on', then the option to select the cluster log will not show up if CONNECTOR is not selected. This is bad IMO. Other build targets use 'select' in similar fashion. See especially drivers/ staging/pohmelfs/Kconfig and drivers/staging/dst/Kconfig.

+	  Cluster logging allows device-mapper mirroring to be
+	  cluster-aware.  Mirror devices can be used by multiple
+	  machines at the same time.  Note: this will not make
+	  your applications cluster-aware.

Can we explain the jargon a bit more, particularly the first sentence?
And the second sentence is missing qualification.
Look at the style of other entries.
What about dependencies etc.?

I've taken a shot at reworking this wording.

+dm-log-clustered-objs := dm-log-cluster.o dm-log-cluster-transfer.o

I've fixed that up to work with the latest kernels.

It is likely fixed in my upcoming repost too.

--- linux-2.6.orig/include/linux/connector.h
+++ linux-2.6/include/linux/connector.h
@@ -39,8 +39,10 @@
#define CN_IDX_V86D			0x4
#define CN_VAL_V86D_UVESAFB		0x1
#define CN_IDX_BB 0x5 /* BlackBoard, from the TSP GPL sampling framework */
+#define CN_IDX_DM			0x6     /* Device Mapper */
+#define CN_VAL_DM_CLUSTER_LOG		0x1

-#define CN_NETLINK_USERS		6
+#define CN_NETLINK_USERS		7

Has this been copied to the maintainer of that file and acked?
Please cc that maintainer on future posts unless the maintainer says it's
OK not to.

I will copy the maintainer on my upcoming repost.

+++ linux-2.6/include/linux/dm-log-cluster.h

+ * This file is released under the LGPL.

Is this header meant for userspace use too?
If so, the Kbuild file is missing from this patch.



+#define REQUEST_TYPES {	\


I think there should be some sort of versioning in this file to make
it easier to modify that list in future.

I've pulled out the unnecessary REQUEST_TYPE macro and added a 'mask' to get at the request_type value - this leaves future compatibility.

+struct clog_tfr {
+	uint64_t private[2];

What for? Comment missing.

This field has been pulled along with the 'originator' field, which was only ever used in user-space.

+ char uuid[DM_UUID_LEN]; /* Ties a request to a specific mirror log */
+	int error;              /* Used by server to inform of errors */

If this struct is meant to be passed between userspace and kernel
it would be a good idea to use unambiguous alignment: add some
padding after the char[] and only used fields with a universally- defined width
so avoid 'int'.
(And presumably userspace deals with endianness issues?)

Padding has been add and I've changed the 'int' to 'int32_t'.

+static struct cn_msg *prealloced_cn_msg;
+static struct clog_tfr *prealloced_clog_tfr;
+static struct cb_id cn_clog_id = { CN_IDX_DM, CN_VAL_DM_CLUSTER_LOG };
+static DEFINE_MUTEX(_lock);
+struct receiving_pkg {
+static DEFINE_SPINLOCK(receiving_list_lock);
+static struct list_head receiving_list;

We're trying to use dm_<some_module_identifier> prefixes on more variables and
structs now.

This is why I have changed the very public 'struct clog_tfr' in include/linux/dm-log-cluster.h to 'struct dm_clog_request' in the upcoming repost. I did not change the name of 'struct receiving_pkg' because it is very local - used only in dm-log-cluster-transfer.c.

+	while (1) {
+		set_current_state(TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE);
+		schedule_timeout(2*HZ);
+		DMWARN("Attempting to contact cluster log server...");

while(1) loops always ring alarm bells...
Were other approaches ruled out?
Frequency of attempts?
Too many log messages? (We do have *_LIMIT).

When communication with the userspace server is absolutely necessary, this function (which uses the 'while (1)') is called. Otherwise, another function which can simply return error is called. Basically, the function is waiting for the userspace server to be restarted. In fact, you will never get to this 'while (1)' retry code unless the userspace server has vanished. I think this is the right approach - have any other suggestions?

I also don't think the messages will be too many given that they are at least separated by 2 seconds.

+*Others have also suggested 'multi-log',

Which is what?

Pulled that out... it should be obvious that other possibilities exist. I don't need to specify nebulous possibilities.

+this is the logging method used if logging disk in the "disk" method dies.

Unconditionally?  (I've forgotton.)

I also rephrased this.

+These types operate in the same way as their single machine counterparts,
+but they are cluster-aware.  This is done by forwarding most logging

'cluster-aware' means what???

... and rephrased that.

+located in include/linux/dm-log-cluster.h. 'Connector' is used as the +interface for kernel/userspace interaction. In userspace, the daemons

Definition of interface?
Perhaps more comments in the .h file?
Or more details here, or reference other documentation?

I've tried to clean-up the language a bit concerning the use of connector and such... not sure if I've quite gotten to what you are looking for.

+use openAIS/corosync in order to communicate with guaranteed ordering
+and delivery.

Nope.  Kernel documentation ends at the kernel/userspace interface.
Then this can refer to one specific userspace implementation - available from where? - that happens to use openAIS/corosync for its communication. But if openAIS/corosysnc is a *requirement* of the kernel/userspace interface
then I think the interface is wrong and this shouldn't go in yet...
That interface should be independent of any specific userspace implementation.

Indeed.  I've changed this as well.

I've also been thinking about pulling dm-log-cluster-transfer* into the main dm-log-cluster.c file. What do you think of this? The combined file would be somewhere around 1000 - 1100 lines, which is in the size range of other dm files (also consider the large number of comments in the file... so not that much code really).

Re-post to follow shortly,

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