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[dm-devel] Replicator part for lvm

Generic code updates:

[PATCH 01/18] Adding fflush after yes/no prompt
[PATCH 02/18] Export outnl and indent functions for modules
[PATCH 03/18] Export outsz() and outhnt() for modules
[PATCH 04/18] Export outfc() macro and out_text_with_comment()
[PATCH 05/18] Use outsz macro

Replicator related code:

[PATCH 06/18] Replicator: add libdm support
[PATCH 07/18] Replicator: suspend/deactivate replicator
[PATCH 08/18] Replicator: add lvm support
[PATCH 09/18] Replicator: vg validation
[PATCH 10/18] Replicator: extend _lv_each_dependency() rep. deps
[PATCH 11/18] Replicator: update _create_partial_dtree()
[PATCH 12/18] Replicator: add replicator to dtree
[PATCH 13/18] Replicator: do not remove of replicators' LVs
[PATCH 14/18] Replicator: activate change for vgchange
[PATCH 15/18] Replicator: add new options for replicator
[PATCH 16/18] Replicator: update copyright dates
[PATCH 17/18] Replicator: new variable in generated file
[PATCH 18/18] Replicator: update of generated configure file

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