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Re: [dm-devel] [PATCH] multipath: Evaluate request result and sense code

Mike Christie wrote:
> Hannes Reinecke wrote:
>>  /*
>> + * Evaluate scsi return code
>> + */
>> +static int eval_scsi_error(int result, char *sense, int sense_len)
>> +{
>> +    struct scsi_sense_hdr sshdr;
>> +    int r = DM_ENDIO_REQUEUE;
>> +
>> +    if (host_byte(result) != DID_OK)
> For values like DID_NO_CONNECT or DID_TRANSPORT FAILFAST, I think it
> makes sense to fail the path. Not in this patch, but a new one, would we
> want to modify dm-mpath so that we do not fail the path for errors like
Yeah, well, this patch was made to model the existing behaviour closely
so as the patch submission was not blocked by irrelevant side discussions ...

But yes, of course we should be a bit more selective on how to respond
to the various error codes. But this requires some more discussion with
the various vendors as things like 'DID_ERROR' have different meanings
for different HBAs ...

But this should be done once we agreed on the principle, ie on _how_
to pass the error codes up the the multipathing layer.


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