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[dm-devel] Re: Regarding dm-ioband tests

Hi Balbir,

Balbir Singh <balbir linux vnet ibm com> wrote:
> * Ryo Tsuruta <ryov valinux co jp> [2009-09-08 12:01:19]:
> > I think there are some advantages to dm-ioband. That's why I post
> > dm-ioband to the mailing list.
> > 
> > - dm-ioband supports not only proportional weight policy but also rate
> >   limiting policy. Besides, new policies can be added to dm-ioband if
> >   a user wants to control bandwidth by his or her own policy.
> > - The dm-ioband driver can be replaced without stopping the system by
> >   using device-mapper's facility. It's easy to maintain.
> > - dm-ioband can use without cgroup. (I remember Vivek said it's not an
> >   advantage.)
> But don't you need page_cgroup for IO tracking?

It is not necessary when controlling bandwidth on a per partition
basis or on a IO thread basis like Xen blkback kernel thread.

Here are configration examples.

Ryo Tsuruta

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