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[dm-devel] snapshot related patches

Thought I'd get these out now, even though I'm not yet through the
snapshot-merge or shared-snapshot patches yet.

The attached tarball includes:
1) (hopefully) easy-to-use cluster locking functions

2) changes to existing snapshot/exception store API.  This is a subset
of what was proposed before.  I tried to include only the portions
necessary to allow the implementation of a wrapping cluster-aware
exception store.

3) A cluster-aware exception store (makes snapshots cluster-aware)

On top of these patches I hope to stack the snapshot-merge patches.  I'm
about half-way through those patches now.  I'm not yet sure of the
modifications that will be required...  Problems arise when dealing with
the fact that the merge deletes exceptions from the exception store -
this makes cluster snapshots harder.


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