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[dm-devel] How does dm-raid isw compare to other linux software raid solutions (e.g. mdadm)?

 Hi everybody,

It seems that the only way to have Windows and Linux
use the same software RAID would be through dm-raid isw
(for my intel fake hardware raid).
Is this correct or did I miss something?

Are there any (other) advantages using dm-raid isw over
any other linux based software raid solution (e.g. mdadm)?
    E.g. is it faster (speed / throughput)?
    Or more stable?
    Or more powerful?

I tried to google  comparisons of dmraid isw vs. e.g. mdadm
software RAID 0 (stripe), but was not very successful :(

I also wonder why no where on the intel pages they refer to dm-raid isw...
they just mention that there is no linux support.
Only reason I can think of: They don't because dmraid isw is not
developed by them, or ?
I mean they have Linux resources for so many topics. Or did I miss

Thanks a lot for any hint!


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