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[dm-devel] [PATCH 0 of 8] DM RAID: a wrapper target for MD RAID456 (skeleton)

I've pulled out the minimum patches required to create a usable RAID456
target through device-mapper.  I feel these patches are ready for
inclusion.  The superblock/bitmap support is mostly working, but there
is some polishing left to do on those yet, so I will start treating
those as a separate bunch.  The patches I'm including are:

The DM patches can be applied independent of the MD patches.  There is
no need to wait for one side or the other to get their patches in first.

I'm fairly happy with the device-mapper table arguments, but I'd like
people to give some careful thought to the names of the optional
arguments, which are:

[[no]sync]		No change.
[write_back=<int>]	This sets 'mddev->bitmap_info.max_write_behind'.
			Should this be 'max_write_behind', 'MaxWriteBehind',
[daemon_sleep=<int>]	This is specified in seconds.  More granularity?
[stripecache=<int>]	Should this be 'stripe_cache' or 'StripeCache'?
[minspeed=<int>]	This sets the minimum RAID recovery speed in kB.
			Should this be 'min_recovery_speed' or some other
[maxspeed=<int>]	Same questions as 'minspeed'.
[rebuild=<int>]		This argument is used to specify (by index) which
			drive to rebuild in an array.  This is probably
			fine as it is.

I've tar'ed up my quilt directory that contains the above patches for
convenience.  I've also included the script that generates the
device-mapper tables.


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