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[dm-devel] [Patch 1 of 2]: scsi-dh + dm-mpath: propagate SCSI device deletion to multipath

The problem:

When a SCSI device attached to a device handler is deleted, userland processes currently performing I/O on the device will I/O hang forever.


The root cause:

When scsi_dh_activate returns SCSI_DH_NOSYS the activate_complete callback is not called and the error is not propagated to the

multipath layer. A similar situation occurs when the handler is in the process of being deleted (e.g. the SCSI device is in a SDEV_CANCEL or SDEV_DEL state).


Attached is the SCSI H/W handler part of this patch.


Menny Hamburger


Dell | IDC

office +972 97698789,  fax +972 97698889

Dell IDC. 4 Hacharoshet St, Raanana 43657, Israel


Attachment: scsi-scsi_dh-handle_device-deletion.patch
Description: scsi-scsi_dh-handle_device-deletion.patch

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