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Re: [dm-devel] Manual failback commands

On 2/3/2010 11:33 AM, Christophe Varoqui wrote:
On mer., 2010-02-03 at 09:44 -0800, Scott Dungan wrote:
The cli has a syntax help message, accessed using 'help' or whatever
unknown keyword.

The relevant commands are:
   reinstate path $path
   fail path $path

which wrap 1/ the dm messaging to fail/resinstate a path and 2/
disable/enable the specified path checking in multipathd

Thanks for your continued help. Perhaps I am using the incorrect tools.
Neither the 'multipath' command or the interactive mode of the
multipathd daemon (multipath -k) have any of those directives documented
under the 'help' listing, nor do they respond to them when I use them as
you specify above. What CLI command are you using with those directives?

%cli_command% reinstate path $path

'multipathd -khelp' on most distro-shipped multipath-tools.
'multipathd help' is also possible with upstream.

dm-devel mailing list
dm-devel redhat com

Yes, I understand that. If I run 'multipathd -k' and then help, these are the commands that are listed:

     list|show paths
     list|show maps
     add path $path
     remove|del path $path
     add map $map
     remove|del map $map
     switch|switchgroup map $map group $group
     dump pathvec
     disablequeueing map $map
     restorequeueing map $map

Where are the 'reinstate path' or 'fail path' directives you mention in this thread? In case this is a version issue, we are running with version device-mapper-multipath-0.4.7-30.el5_4.4. What version are you running where the 'reinstate path' or 'fail path' directives are listed in help or otherwise function?


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