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[dm-devel] patches for 2.6.33


I went through the patches in Alasdair's patchset and tried to sort them 
for seriousness. These should be sent immediatelly (before 2.6.33):

dm-raid1-fail-writes-if-errors-are-not-handled-and-log-fails.patch # 76000
- fixes a regression introduced in 2.6.33-rc1
- should be sent to Linus before 2.6.33 goes out
- doesn't need to be applied to -stable

dm-raid1-fix-null-pointer-dereference-in-suspend.patch # 72253
- fixes a serious bug (crash) that existed even in previous kernels
- should be sent before 2.6.33 goes out
- should be sent to -stable

dm-stripe-avoid-divide-by-zero-with-invalid-stripe-count.patch # 76915
dm-snapshot-persistent-annotate-work_queue-as-on-stack.patch # 75065
- minor bugs, but the patches are very simple, so that they can be sent to 
Linus now, there is minimal change of breaking something

multipath patches
- let Kiyoshi Ueda decide, I am not familiar with mpath well enough


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