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Re: [dm-devel] BIO_RW_SYNCIO

> > I took the traces and placed them at 
> > http://people.redhat.com/mpatocka/data/blktrace/
> > 
> > It shows that WRITE requests are merged without SYNCIO flags and are not 
> > merged if SYNCIO is used.
> Yes you are right. So I think following is happening.
> Key is that requests don't get merged once they are on dispatch list. They
> get merged only when they are still sitting in some cfq queue and are with
> elevator.
> In case of sync IO, both reads and writes are on single cfq queue. We are
> driving good dispatch list depth (drv=65). That means there are 65 reads
> and writes on dispatch list and none of the new requests can be merged with
> those.
> In case of async IO, reads and writes are going on different cfq queues.
> While reads are being dispatched from one queue, writes are sitting in 
> CFQ and are open to merge. That's the reason we are seeing lot more WRITE
> merging with async case.
> Not sure what we can do about it though. But had a couple of questions.
> - You seem to be issuing lots of 4K size adjacent READS and WRITES. Is
>   there a way that you can club these together and issue a bigger request.

It is possible, but it would mean major code size increase (replicate the 
merge functionality in dm-kcopyd). We don't have problems with CPU time 
consumption, so we are not planning it now.

It just simpler to turn off BIO_RW_SYNCIO. I also turned off BIO_RW_UNPLUG 
and unplug the queue after more requests. It improves performance to 

> - What kind of device this is where request queue depth is 65. Can you
>   try reducing request queue depth to say 16 and see if things improve
>   a bit. (/sys/block/<dev>/device/queue_depth).

Seagate U320 SCSI disk on MPT controller. It has 64 tags.

When I reduced the number of tags, it improved performance, 16 was good 
(19MB/s), reducing it to 4 or 1 improved it even more (22MB/s).


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