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[dm-devel] Boot Problems with Multipath


I was doing some testing on multipath on san and copied a
/etc/multipath.conf from one machine to another. each machine has local
disk for / and all OS partitions. San/multipath is used only on data.
I had black list local disk on /etc/multipath.conf but when I copied from
one machine to the other...no longer blacklist
After this ( i didn't noticed the error ) I issue a mkinitrd

After all this when rebooting the machine with the wrong local disk black
list, the boot hangs after setting hostname, wtih message "cannot create
directory /var/lib filesystem read only"

I have gonne into rescue mode, rebuild initrd, disable friendy_names
option ( read some references about it) but cant boot. Now no create
directory errors but doesn't go after setting hostname

Any clues on how to fix it?


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