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Re: [dm-devel] shared snapshots release 17


> Mikulas Patocka <mpatocka redhat com> wrote:
> > Hi
> > 
> > New shared snapshots are here. It incorporates Mike's changes and it has 
> > reworked memory limit:
> > - a minimum of 8 buffers is guaranteed to prevent thrasing with too big 
> > chunk sizes
> > - the cache for multisnapshots is limited to 2% of memory or 25% of 
> > vmalloc memory (whichever is lower) [ I'm thinking about making this 
> > configurable in /proc ]
> > - big chunk sizes (8MB or more) allocate memory always from vmalloc, there 
> > is no point in allocating from general allocator
> For the benefit of others, here are your r17 changes relative to r16.  I
> have some early questions/comments:
> - What is going on with EXPORT_SYMBOL at the top of drivers/md/dm-bufio.c?  
>   Do you intend to have a standalone dm-bufio module?

Maybe sometimes, but not now. That's why I mark exported symbols with 
EXPORT_SYMBOL, but disable it.

>   I think it makes
>   sense to go one way or another.  As is you're in limbo; the name of
>   the _init and _exit functions don't _really_ make sense given that it
>   isn't a standalone module (e.g. dm_bufio_module_init).

dm-bufio may become part of dm module --- then, dm_bufio_module_init and 
dm_bufio_module_exit will be called from dm.c:_inits and _exits. Or 
dm-bufio becomes a standalone module and then these functions will be 
called from module_init and module_exit. Or it stays attached to 
dm-store-mikulas, as it is now, and then it will be called from there.

I really don't know what will be the future of dm-bufio file --- will 
fujita-daniel store use it? Will something else use it? (for example 
replicator, SSD caching or whatever else). So I must be prepared for all 
the alternatives.

>   Makes the
>   calling code in dm-multisnap-mikulas.c somewhat awkward (calling
>   another _{module_init,exit}).  Especially when you consider
>   dm_bufio_module_exit() doesn't do anything;

It may do something in the future --- for example, unregister /sys or 
/proc config files. (so far, it seems that it will be unnecessary if 
sysfs is used...)

>   yet you've reworked
>   dm_multisnapshot_mikulas_module_init() to call it.
> - Please don't introduce long lines as you make new changes.  Below, the
>   following functions have unnecessarily long lines:
>   get_memory_limit, dm_bufio_alloc_buffer_data, dm_bufio_module_init

Grr, people are still obsessed about it :-/

> - The empty newline between comment blocks and functions should be
>   removed, see: get_memory_limit, adjust_client_count, dm_bufio_module_exit



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