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Re: [dm-devel] General and configuration questions

Allen, Jack [Jack Allen mckesson com] wrote:
> Thanks for the quick reply.
> 	Then I lowered rr_min_io to 10 and did reconfigure and show
> config and the parameter does not show up at all. The device entry is
> still at the top of the devices, just does not have the rr_min_io
> parameter at all. So I went through several values for rr_min_io stating
> at 100 and decreasing it by 10 each time and then doing reconfigure and
> show config. When it got to 10 again the parameter did not show up. So I
> increased it to 11 and it showed up. So there must be some min/max value
> that multipath will not allow setting the parameter to and if it is not
> within that range, it just ignores it all together.

You could have used binary search. :-)

Not sure if such a value is not used or not displayed in in "show
config" You can do "multipath -v4" that should display what value is
used for your device while creating it though.

I always use 'multipath -v4' to see what settings are done for my
devices if I change something in multipath.conf.

Hope that helps!

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