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Re: [dm-devel] RFC: multipath IO multiplex

On 2010-11-06T05:32:03, Neil Brown <neilb suse de> wrote:

> Hi Lars,
>  the only issue that occurs to me is that if you want to report the first
>  success, then you need to copy the data to a private buffer before
>  submitting the write.  Then wait for all writes to complete before freeing
>  the buffer.  If you just return the first write the page would be unlocked
>  and so could be changed will another path was still writing it out.

Right. This is, in a way, a mix of MPIO / RAID1 handling. We'd indeed
need to have the write block several times - thankfully, we write really
rarely and only one sector at a time, so the memory consumption is

(However, we _really_ want to get those writes to disk. Right away.)

>  Finding a way to signal 'write all paths sounds tricky.  This flag needs to
>  be state of the filedescriptor, not the whole device, so it would need to be
>  an fcntl rather than an ioctl.  And defining new fcntls is a lot harder
>  because they need to be more generic - you cannot really make them device
>  specific...
>  Might it make sense to configure a range of the device where writes always
>  went down all paths?  That would seem to fit with your problem description
>  and might be easiest??

Technically, it'd be possible, because that section is contiguous on
the disk, yes.

(Note that we don't open a real file in a file system, but use a raw
block device; however, that could be a partition on top of MPIO.)

But I'm a bit unclear how we'd define that; clearly, we don't want to
by-pass multipathd management of the MPIO mapping, that being the whole
point why we don't just handle that in user-space ;-)

Hrm. I already have a dm-linear mapping (thanks to kpartx; otherwise
it's trivially introduced). I could modify that to include a special
flag that would mangle the bios that pass through - so I could set a bio
flag that multipath could then act on ...?

(There's precedent; the failfast bio flag.)


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