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Re: [dm-devel] RFC: multipath IO multiplex

On 2010-11-07T11:30:49, Christophe Varoqui <christophe varoqui gmail com> wrote:

> Wouldn't it practical to bypass mpio completely on submit your io to the paths instead ?

Yes - and no.

Yes: I could do that, and send my IO down all paths via async IO. It was
actually the first direction I looked into, however I abandoned it after
a while (see below). And yes, it's the first thing everyone recommends

No: It would mean I'd have to query multipathd for every IO, to learn
which devices currently are active and linked to the right storage. (The
idea of hooking into udev myself or scanning partitions seems a bit of a
non-starter.) Alternatively, I could probably try and monitor the
mapping for changes, but then would have to parse that syntax. Not to
mention I'd have to handle my own partitioning, LVM mapping, etc too.

So, it seems somewhat inefficient and inelegant.

I think handling this at the dm-multipath level is cleaner; similarly
how we handle network bonding (which incidentally has a broadcast mode
too), instead of requiring every application to go out and open N
independent channels.


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