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Re: [dm-devel] [PATCH] multipath: add find_multipaths feature.

On mar., 2010-11-16 at 17:25 -0600, Benjamin Marzinski wrote:
> This adds a new default feature, find_multipaths. When this is set to yes,
> multipath will no longer try to create multipath devices using every
> non-blacklisted device. Instead, it will only create a device when one of
> three conditions are met.
> 1. Three are at least two non-blacklisted paths with the same wwid
> 2. The user manually forces the creation, by specifying a device with the
>    multipath command.
> 3. A path has the same wwid as a multipath device that was previously crreated
>    (even if that multipath device doesn't currently exist).

I'm confused. A blacklist/whitelist system may be hard to configure
properly but the rules are simple. I fear this new rule set will
increase confusion.

Could you elaborate on what problems this new rule set is trying to
address ?

Best regards,
Christophe Varoqui <christophe varoqui opensvc com>

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