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Re: [dm-devel] QUEUE_FLAG_CLUSTER?

>>>>> "Ed" == "Ed Lin <- PTU" <ed lin promise com>> writes:


Ed> The dm already has function to adjust limits based on underlying
Ed> device limits. So, is it good to add the no_cluster setting to the
Ed> queue limits at the scsi side? For example, some code change like
Ed> the following?

We should never issue a command that does not adhere to the limits set
by the device driver. Upon inspection I agree this is busted and it's my

DM does not have a request_queue when stacking and as a result we ended
up with two entities tracking whether a device supports clustering or
not. And as it turns out the queue flag and the queue limits are not
always in agreement.

I've coded up a proper fix for this and will post a patch shortly. I'm
just running a bunch of tests to ensure we do the right thing...

Martin K. Petersen	Oracle Linux Engineering

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