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[dm-devel] OT: device mapper development/testing.

Is there any way I can assist in the development of device mapper
(particularly dmraid)? I have limited programming skills - I am a Test
Engineer primarily involved with hardware working for a small computer
company that manufactures a variety of  systems.

I have used and supported the use of Linux for some time. I have
access to a wide range of hardware mostly based on Intel cpu's and

If there is anyway I can contribute by testing software on a variety
of hardware please email me off list. I would very much like to put
something back into Linux as I have benefited in so many ways from
it's availability.

(I only wish I had the time to furher develop my limited programming
skills in order to be of greater use to the community)


Phil Vossler
"of all the paths you choose in life,
                  make sure some of them are dirt..."

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