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Re: [dm-devel] Improving dm-mirror as a final year project

Hi Jonathan,

On Tue, Feb 01, 2011 at 10:12:36AM -0600, Jonathan Brassow <jbrassow redhat com> wrote:
> Would you consider working on the recently added dm-raid.c?  It is an  
> attempt to access the MD personalities through device-mapper.  As  
> such, RAID456 (the initial drop) will be available - in addition to  
> RAID1.  There is much to be done in this area - large projects as well  
> as small - encompassing performance issues, metadata layout, testing,  
> etc...  There is also a lot of attention being paid to this area.
> I think device-mapper mirroring will be used for a while, but it will  
> likely become deprecated.

Sure, that sounds interesting. The first part of my MSc thesis should be
done till 2011.05.13 (14 weeks), I have about 2 workdays / week for the
project. Of course the actual development time is a bit less, since I
have to produce paper from this (about 30 pages for the first part).

(The second part should be done in Q3-Q4, when I'll have a bit more
dedicated time.)

Do you have a project idea for such a timeframe?

My mentors are asked: is dm-raid supported in a RHEL version?

As far as I see it was added in commit
9d09e663d5502c46f2d9481c04c1087e1c2da698 after 2.6.37, so it's not part
of RHEL (I created my dm-mirror patches on RHEL5) - and it's a pro for
them if I can do my development based on a RHEL kernel, what they use.

So - given such a timeframe, is it better to develop dm-mirror, which is
fairly stable or is it possible to develop dm-raid, even if it's quite



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