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Re: [dm-devel] timestamp for shared snapshot

On Wed, Feb 16 2011 at  4:42am -0500,
devicemapper niko <devicemapper niko gmail com> wrote:

> Hi,guys.
> I tried shared snapshot recently,I found there's no timestamp for snapshot.
> Is it possible to add timestamp and comment for each snapshots ?

I assume you're using Mikulas' shared snapshot kernel patches? E.g.:

And a patched lvm2 with shared snapshot support?  E.g.:

It should be noted that the above shared snapshot work is unlikely to
make it upstream (portions of it likely will, for instance the lvm2
userspace changes).  A new shared snapshot implementation is in

In any case, the easiest thing to do is use descriptive names for each
snapshot (include your own timestamp, etc).


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