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Re: [dm-devel] XFS getting EAGAIN from block device

On Tue, Jun 07 2011 at  4:44pm -0400,
Marko Huttunen <marko codito se> wrote:

> Hello,
> After upgrading Ubuntu from 10.10 to 11.04 I started getting error messages
> in my syslog when accessing one of my xfs partitions. It is not the root
> partition.
> The helpful team on IRC (#xfs on irc.freenode.net) says that what I want to
> do is figure out why I'm getting -EAGAIN from the block device.
> The error message I get when accessing the filesystem (through nautilus, or
> in a terminal) is:
> <snip>
> Jun  7 18:08:14 picard kernel: [ 2602.542458] I/O error in filesystem
> ("dm-4") meta-data dev dm-4 block 0x41c6dc18       ("xfs_trans_read_buf")
> error 11 buf count 4096
> Accessing the device is slower than before the upgrade to 11.04, and it is
> not without errors that I can access the device.
> $ uname -r
> Linux picard 2.6.38-8-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 11 03:31:24 UTC 2011
> x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
> HW specs:
> The XFS partition is run on a HW Raid on 2 x 1TB WD Black Caviar.
> Motherboard is an ASUS Sabertooth P67 with Intel Sandy Bridge i5-2500K CPU @
> 3.30GHz.
> Do you guys know what might be wrong, how I or you or we can solve this?

Not aware of any -EAGAIN generated by DM in the IO path.

Could be some change beneath DM.

Do you get the same result if you try a stock 2.6.38 kernel?


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