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Re: [dm-devel] Dell MD3200 - sd: Current: sense key: Illegal Request ASC=0x94 ASCQ=0x1ASC=0x94 ASCQ=0x1

On 03/03/2011 11:47 AM, Menny_Hamburger Dell com wrote:

I know this is usually a wild goose chase, but what about the
controller firmware? I can see from the profile that the controller
FW is, while the latest according to the Dell
compatibility matrix is

I'll look into this next.

On 03/03/2011 01:30 PM, Yanqing_Liu Dell com wrote:

It seems that you mapped your LUNs some time after host bootup. That causes pseudo LUN 0 to be created. If you lay down DM using Dell software package, please invoke "rescan_dm_devs" for

I have used "rescan_dm_devs" before. This did not eliminate the pseudo LUN 0.

I did manage to get rid of them, though, by un-mapping and re-mapping the array virtual disks as LUNs 0 & 1, instead of LUNs 1 & 2. The current array profile is here: http://tinypaste.com/64eebb

lsscsi now looks good. See http://tinypaste.com/3580a

Unfortunately, this did not help with the "Illegal Request" messages.

We may need your related kernel message for further analysis. As to why setting "failback" to manual doesn't work on MD3200, the problem may be in multipathing daemon, in combination with SAS tranpportation
trearing down all devices immediately after path loss. We've filed a
bugzilla for this.

The latest syslog is here: http://tinypaste.com/87516

BTW, what is your LVM setting for these devices?

The LUNs are each assigned to their own SCSI controller. Both LUNs (PVs) are members of a single VG. The LVs are striped across the PVs, thus allowing both paths to be used. The "lvdisplay -m" output is here: http://tinypaste.com/7c42a

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