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Re: [dm-devel] generic wrappers for multi-device FS operations

On 03/08/2011 01:34 PM, James Bottomley wrote:
On Tue, 2011-03-08 at 13:13 -0500, Ric Wheeler wrote:
On 03/08/2011 01:05 PM, Wendy Cheng wrote:
On Tue, Mar 08, 2011 at 12:04:25PM -0500, Ric Wheeler wrote:
To make this trivial to do for users, I think that it would be really
nice to have a two-level wrappers for things like resize, add a volume,
shrink, etc. Similar to the way we have mount or fsck invoke file system
specific bits.
Good idea? Bad idea?
So the "resize" is on the filesystem, not the volume ? The "grow" part
is probably easy. Unfortunately, the "shrink" may not be easy for some
of the filesystems:

-- Wendy
I think any "standard" operation would be allowed to fail with "notsupported"
effectively. Shrink is definitely a challenge&  even when it works, it often has
performance implications.

I think that adding support to fsadm might be the easy path forward, but we
would need to be able to do at least a handful of more advanced things (add a
whole device for example).
There's still the problem of moving the underlying device from being a
plain block device to being a dm one ... what happened to the idea of
presenting all devices as dm ones to solve this?


I think that would certainly be a nice start, but we could do something short term that did not require that.


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