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[dm-devel] SUSE multipath-tools patch resync

Hi Christophe,

finally I've finished rebasing my patch queue for
multipath-tools to the latest upstream git commit.
The resulting tree is at:

branch for-christophe

Here are the summary lines of the patches:
 * Reload map for device read-only setting changes
 * Increase priority value for emc priority callout
 * Allow dev_loss to be set to 'infinity'
 * Update manpages
 * multipath: add '-t' option to dump internal hwtable
 * Reassign existing device-mapper maps
 * alua: Handle LBA_DEPENDENT state
 * Update multipathd init script for SuSE
 * multipathd: Add PID to 'show daemon' cli command
 * Update pid file handling
 * Serialize startup on large machines
 * Add 'shutdown' cli command
 * multipathd: Update 'max_fds' handling
 * multipathd: crash in reconfigure CLI command
 * Add 'max_polling_interval' config variable
 * libmultipath: Only count UP and GHOST paths for prio update
 * Always synchronize with dm state
 * multipathd is not starting waitevent checker for single paths
 * More debugging output when synchronizing path states
 * libmultipath: Make path state message unique
 * Update dev_loss_tmo for no_path_retry
 * Check for valid argument in update_multipath_strings()
 * libmultipath: Remove duplicate calls to path_offline()
 * Check for offline path in get_prio()
 * Use state name in get_state()
 * Only check offline status for SCSI devices
 * libmultipath: zero out sense buffer in do_inq()
 * multipathd: fix memory issues in cli.c
 * multipathd: Remove handling of 'umount' events
 * Safe memory allocation in cli_handlers
 * multipathd: Fix uxlsnr race condition on shutdown
 * Rework sysfs device handling in multipathd
 * multipath: add SuSE init file
 * Checker name is not displayed on failure
 * Unload priority modules
 * Display avg priority as group priority
 * libmultipath: Improve debugging of log messages
 * libmultipath: rework sysfs handling
 * libmultipath: update waiter handling
 * libmultipath: do not fallback to search /proc/partitions
 * Start uevent service handler from main thread
 * Use lists for uevent processing
 * Remove sysfs_attr cache
 * Fixup strip trailing whitespaces for getuid return value
 * Check return value for select_alias()
 * Use enum free_path_mode for free_paths argument
 * vector paranoia
 * Update cli request processing
 * Implement 'bindings_file' option
 * kpartx: Intendation fix in devmapper.c
 * Use regmatch when checking for duplicates in hwtable
 * Update hwtable factorization
 * Specify prioritizer in the multipath section, too
 * Static Load balancing prioritizer
 * Synchronize dm states for IO errors
 * Add 'max_polling_interval' config variable
 * libmultipath: do not access dm structures after dm_task_destroy
 * Correctly remove logical partition maps
 * rdac checker: Whitespace cleanup
 * libmultipath: Fix possible string overflow
 * More debugging output for feature changes
 * Fixup debugging in dmparser.c
 * Correctly update feature strings
 * Select 'features' from multipath configuration
 * Increase uevent buffer size
 * libmultipath: remove strcmp_chomp()
 * Remove sysfs_lookup_devpath_by_subsys_id()
 * libmultipath: resolve hash collisions in pgcmp()
 * libmultipath: correct path count in setup_map()
 * Make status variable local
 * Make params variable local
 * multipath segfaults if configuration file contains errors
 * Use '--replace-whitespace' option for scsi_id
 * Asynchronous mode for tur checker
 * Move setup_thread_attr() to uevent.c
 * TUR checker should not return 'failed' for reservation conflict
 * directio: Reset 'running' parameter
 * Use timeout parameter for directio
 * libmultipath: check argument length in execute_program()
 * readsector0: block count calculation wrong
 * checkers: argument paranoia
 * Use refcounting for checkers
 * kpartx: Add option '-f' to force devmap creation
 * Add 'no_partitions' feature
 * Implement 'update' option for kpartx
 * kpartx: Indentation fix
 * Add compability flag LIBDM_API_COOKIE

(Did I mention I had quite a few outstanding?)
They are ordered in reverse order, in case you'd want to
cross-check against the git tree.

How to proceed best here?
Sending them all for review to the mailinglist seems a
bit excessive, but then that'll be automated anyway,
so I don't care.
Just tell me what you prefer.


Dr. Hannes Reinecke		      zSeries & Storage
hare suse de			      +49 911 74053 688
SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, Maxfeldstr. 5, 90409 Nürnberg
GF: J. Hawn, J. Guild, F. Imendörffer, HRB 16746 (AG Nürnberg)

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