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Re: [dm-devel] [PATCH] deadlock with suspend and quotas

> >> The following patch fixes the deadlock. When the quota subsystem takes s_umount,
> >> it checks if the filesystem is frozen. If it is, we drop s_umount, wait for
> >> the filesystem to resume and retry.
> >  Thanks for the patch. I'm aware of the deadlock and Val Henson is working
> > on resolving these types of deadlocks more systematically. But since I
> > haven't heard from her for a while, I guess I'll merge your fix and she'll
> > update her series to reflect your change since those patches are going to
> > go in at earliest in the next merge window.
> >  To sum up: I've merged your patch.
> FYI, I no longer have time to consult in addition to my full-time job.
>  Canonical is taking over this patch set.
> -VAL


Where can I get that patch set?

We are experiencing other similar deadlocks on RHEL-6, caused by sync or 
background writeback (these code paths take s_umount and wait trying to do 
I/O), but I wasn't able to reproduce these deadlocks on upstream kernel? 
Are there other known deadlock possibilities?


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