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[dm-devel] DM_snapshot_cow filesystem (dmsetup create snapshot)

As part of my livecd data structure dmsetup is used to create a snapshot containing xz-compressed root combined with copy-on-write ram-based overlay.

The way as I understand it, the ram-based overlay contains only the "chunks" of data which is changed. Is there a way - in terms of a tool or by any other means - to look at this overlay to see what data has been changed exactly?

I have tried, rather naively as it turned out, to mount the ram-based overlay but received "unknown filesystem type 'DM_snapshot_cow'" error message, which makes me thing that the data structure is unique somehow and private to the device mapper.

One other thing - my dmsetup man page is from 2006 (created some 5 years ago) even though I am using the latest device-mapper package (1.02.63 I believe) and this man page does not contain any information on dmsetup create snapshot format, which is very annoying. Is there an updated version of the man page I could look at?

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