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Re: [dm-devel] Another cache target

On Fri, Dec 14, 2012 at 10:24:43AM +0000, thornber redhat com wrote:
> I'll add some tests to my test suite that use your maxiops program and
> see if I can work out what's going on.

I've played with your maxiops program, and added these tests to the

  def maxiops(dev, nr_seeks = 10000)
    ProcessControl.run("maxiops -s #{nr_seeks} #{dev} -wb 4096")
  def discard_dev(dev)
    dev.discard(0, dev_size(dev))
  def test_maxiops_cache_no_discard
    with_standard_cache(:format => true,
                        :data_size => gig(1)) do |cache|
      maxiops(cache, 10000)
  def test_maxiops_cache_with_discard
    size = 512
    with_standard_cache(:format => true,
                        :data_size => gig(1),
                        :cache_size => meg(size)) do |cache|
      report_time("maxiops with cache size #{size}m", STDERR) do
        maxiops(cache, 10000)
  def test_maxiops_linear
    with_standard_linear(:data_size => gig(1)) do |linear|
      maxiops(linear, 10000)

The maxiops program appears to be doing random writes over the device
(at least the way I'm calling it).  So I'm not surprised the mq policy
can't be bothered to cache anything.

Even an agressive write policy wouldn't do much good here, as maxiops
is continuously writing.  Such a strategy needs bursty io, so the
cache has time to clean itself.

Discarding the device before running maxiops, as discussed, does
indeed persuade mq to cache blocks as soon as they're hit (see

As a sanity check I set up the cache device with various amounts of
SSD allocated and timed a short run of maxiops.  For a small amount of
SSD, performance is similar to that of my spindle, for as much SSD as
spindle, performance is the same as my SSD.

SSD size | Elapsed time (seconds)
128m     | 32
256m     | 23
512m     | 13.5
1024m    | 3.4

Now the bad news is I'm regularly seeing runs that have terrible
performance; not a hang since the io stall oops isn't triggering.  So
there's obviously a race in there somewhere that's getting things into
a bad state.  Will investigate more, it could easily be an issue in the
test suite.

- Joe

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