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[dm-devel] About the thin provision function @ kernel 3.2 or later.

Hi, I'm Yukihito, and interested in Linux system.

Recently days, I became happy to hear that Linux kernel start to support thin-provisioning function.
And not trying to how it work on latest kernel.

According to the word "thin provisioning", I'm imaging that, I can get larger space than actual disk size. This image is born from thin-provisioning system working on VMWare series.
And can write the files until reach to the physical maximum. Once reach to the physical maximum, I can't write any more files to that volume, but I can write more files after add additional physical disks to thin-pool.

I could create the pool according to the documents included in the kernel source(Documentation/device-mapper/thin-provisioning.txt).
But I'm not sure, it works as I expecting like above.

So can you provide more detailed documentation about the thin-provisioning, if you have?
There're no documentation written in Japanese, so I'll also output this communication to wiki or my twitter in Japanese. It helpful to make your work more major among Japanese IT engineers. And you can get more feedback if the challengers in Japan will be increased.
The worst point of the current documentation is, it's not instruct about how to use like above. Can't get image how to use this like VMware system from that document.

Sorry, this is my private testing, not for work. So I can't get much time to this, but very interested in.

I'm looking forward to your answer.

Thank you.

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