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Re: [dm-devel] RHEL6.2: path failures during good path I/O

Sorry, I did a mistake when testing with RHEL6.1....the multipath daemon was stopped. So, also with RHEL6.1. I've noticed path failures. I'm trying to do some more testing - maybe it's related to I/O workload. For my regular tests I'm attaching 10 SCSI LUns to the host system via two pathes. On each multipath device 4 partitions will be created. Five multipath devices are going to be used for filesystem I/O, the remaining five for block I/O. Currently I have just fs-I/O started and so far - 1h - no path failures occured. I will start block I/O later....

My guess why it could be device-mapper related is based on SLES11SP1 bugzilla 62249 multipath-tools: multipath device path failure without error injection.

Am 14.06.2012 23:19, schrieb Mike Snitzer:
On Thu, Jun 14 2012 at  3:15pm -0400,
Christian May<cmay linux vnet ibm com>  wrote:

I couldn't recreate the path failures on the exact same test setup
with RHEL6.1.

Something must have been changed in the device-mapper package!?
It is good to know 6.1 works and 6.2 doesn't for you.  But I'm not
understanding why you're thinking it is a device-mapper-multipath
issue (not kernel issue).

You could do a couple things:
1) run the RHEL6.2 kernel on a RHEL6.1 install
2) install RHEL6.1 device-mapper-multipath package on RHEL6.2 install

If both work then it implicates the RHEL6.2 device-mapper-multipath

But all being said, please just file a BZ at bugzilla.redhat.com

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