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Re: [dm-devel] RHEL6.2: path failures during good path I/O

On 06/18/2012 01:02 PM, Christian May wrote:
> So, I've started on my RHEL6.1 system filesystem I/O against 5
> multipath devices. Each multipath device contains 4 partition - two
> of them were mounted and used for fs-I/O. The exerciser was running
> for appr. 2 hours without a single path failure message. Then I'v
> started block I/O against the other 5 multipath devices.
> Pretty soon the first path failure was reported:
Could be a request-queue starvation.
As you're using directio any I/O requests from the checker will be
queued onto the request queue.
If the system is fully loaded it might take some time for the
checker I/O to be actually submitted; occasionally this might be
longer than the I/O timeout of the checker.

I would switch to 'tur' checker and retest.

(Well, _actually_ I would switch to _SLES_ and retest, but I guess
that's beside the point :-)


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