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[dm-devel] bcache performance test problem

Hi Kent,


I have tested bcache on my platform, but the result is not good. I think maybe the wrong config caused it. Would you pls help me to check the config, or give me some advice for bcache performance testing?


My SSD card is  a PCIe SSD card (about 120,000 IOPS), and I used 10GB.


I have download the code from git://evilpiepirate.org/~kent/linux-bcache.git.

The commands creating bcache is below:

make-bcache –B /dev/sdb8

make-bcache –C –w4k –b1M –writeback /dev/hioa5


I use FIO to test the seq./random IO performance, and the result is below:

write             read                    randwrite    randread

bcache               10809 KB/s    164502.5 KB/s     2713 KB/s    29640 KB/s

cache_hit_rate  80                  79                         94                92



And the basic test result is:

Write                   read                  randwrite             randread

HDD      81211.6 KB/s       172242 KB/s     2606 KB/s             1855 KB/s

SSD       250948.2 KB/s     813855 KB/s     238892.7 KB/s      657319.5 KB/s


Attachment: test-write.sh
Description: test-write.sh

Attachment: test-read.sh
Description: test-read.sh

Attachment: test-randwrite-1.2g.sh
Description: test-randwrite-1.2g.sh

Attachment: test-randread-1.2g.sh
Description: test-randread-1.2g.sh

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