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Re: [dm-devel] dm-crypt parallelization patches

On Tue, Apr 09, 2013 at 03:42:16PM -0400, Mikulas Patocka wrote:
> If I drop ifdefs, it doesn't compile (because other cgroup stuff it 
> missing).
> So I enabled bio cgroups.
> bio_associate_current can't be used, because by the time we allocate the 
> outgoing write bio, we are no longer in the process that submitted the 
> original bio.

Oh, I suppose it'd need some massaging to selectively turn off the
cgroup part.

> Anyway, I tried to reproduce in dm-crypt what bio_associate_current does - 

and we probably need to change that to bio_associate_task().

> in the submitting process I record "ioc" and "css" fields in "dm_crypt_io" 
> structure and set these fields on all outgoing bios. It has no effect on 
> performance, it is as bad as if I hadn't done it.

A good way to verify that the tagging is correct would be configuring
io limits in block cgroup and see whether the limits are correctly
applied when going through dm-crypt (please test with direct-io or
reads, writeback is horribly broken, sorry).working correctly, maybe
plugging is the overriding factor?



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