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Re: [dm-devel] Extending DM w/ new target type

Dne 1.8.2013 19:04, John Strange napsal(a):
two questions:

1. I'd like to use DM with a new target type.  I'm porting our virtualized
storage solution from Windows.  I've been able to register my target and get
callbacks working, but in looking at the dm-raid code, I'm concerned with how
tightly coupled it is with the routines in md.c (multiple devices
implementation).  Is there an expectation that a DM target use the md_xxxx

2. I used dmsetup to create a mapping for a device that my target controls.
Is there a way to make the underlying device (e.g. /dev/sdb) not visible to
the system?  I'm paranoid about external accesses to a LUN that I'm using.

In lvm2 it's solved in a way - that we use special flags for udev to avoid
some scanning/watchrules - however all device are always available through /dev/mapper but user visible devices are accessible via /dev/vg/lv name which is the only suggested and supported way to use LVs.

Obviously we often get reports where users are directly playing with /dev/dm-XXX devices or /dev/mapper/vg-lv in their scripts and configs...

But you can't hide existing devices in  system from userland visibility.


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