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[dm-devel] [RFC] dm-lc: plan to go to staging


I am happy to see that dm-lc is picked up by LWN.

Now I think I should consider the next step forward.

As Joe Thornber said before, what I have to do next are
1. Get some feedback from 3rd party users.
2. Reviewed by Mike Snitzer.
As in

To achieve the first goal,
I am thinking of going to staging tree
for dm-lc to be widely available to people in community.

dm-lc is now managed in Github repo as a kernel module
however, getting available in the tree means a lot
to get 3rd party users.

Does this plan sound nice?

If so, what is the next step to go to staging?
I have a patch against 3.11-rc7 in linux-next locally.
Sending the patch to Greg is the next step?
And who and what should be included in CC?

For your information,
there is a precedent that DM target
gets in staging tree. That is enhanceio, also a caching target.

Any comments will be appreciated.


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