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Re: [dm-devel] dm-cache refusing to come up again after a crash

On Fri, Dec 06, 2013 at 05:57:13PM +0000, Joe Thornber wrote:
> Yep, grab:
> https://github.com/jthornber/thin-provisioning-tools
> build, and then try cache_check on it (which should tell you what's
> wrong).  Other programs to play with are cache_dump, cache_restore and
> cache_repair.

Well, first of all, it doesn't compile, since you use typename outside of
templates :-) Fixing that is easy, though. But afterwards:

root ubuntu:~/thin-provisioning-tools# ./cache_check /dev/md1
examining superblock
  superblock is corrupt
    bad checksum in superblock

So where do I want to go from there? cache_dump doesn't want to play with the
superblock because the checksum is bad... do I want cache_repair, then? Do I
want to take a backup of anything first?

/* Steinar */
Homepage: http://www.sesse.net/

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