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Re: [dm-devel] [BUG] pvmove corrupting XFS filesystems (was Re: [BUG] Internal error xfs_dir2_data_reada_verify)

On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 01:04:14AM +0000, Alasdair G Kergon wrote:
> (Quick pointers that might be relevant)
> EAGAIN, I'm not aware of dm itself returning that on the i/o path.

Neither am I, but it's coming from somewhere in the IO path...

> For 3.8 issues, read dm-devel around https://www.redhat.com/archives/dm-devel/2013-February/msg00086.html
> (I queued the dm-side fixes for linux-next earlier today)

It's reproducable on lots of different kernels, apparently - 3.8,
3.4.33, CentOS 6.3, debian sid/wheezy and Fedora 18 were mentioned
specifically by the OP - so it doesn't look like a recent
regression or constrained to a specific kernel.

> For pvmove, check exactly which version and whether discards are enabled: there
> was a userspace bug for a short period some time ago when discards were enabled.

The version I used to reproduce on a 3.8.0 kernel was:

$ pvmove --version
  LVM version:     2.02.95(2) (2012-03-06)
  Library version: 1.02.74 (2012-03-06)
  Driver version:  4.23.1

>From Debian unstable.


Dave Chinner
david fromorbit com

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