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Re: [dm-devel] dd between thin provisioned devices

Dne 27.1.2013 11:01, devicemapper niko napsal(a):
if we dd between thin provisioned devices,
can we just get allocated blocks copied ?

Nope - devices mapper target operates on block level - not on the filesystem
level - so it has no knowledge about file layout.

What I could eventually imagine is some kind of block compactification (just like kernel does for hugepages) - but it's currently not being developed....

Will the output thin device get fully provisioned?
I glanced through the dm-thin code,
it turns out unmapped blocks return zeroed,am i right?

depends on settings - you could have either zeroed block or block
with content left on the disk - i.e. running thin with 1MB block/chunk size
means - before the first use whole 1MB must be zeroed - so it has its price.

Is there a trick to tell upper applications that all u got are zeroes.
or should they scan zeroed blocks themselves to trigger WRITE_SAME to reduce
I/O load?

see flag: skip_block_zeroing

Eventually for lvm2   lvcreate --zero y|n for thin pool creation.


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