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[dm-devel] Device mapping without using initramfs

Hello folks,

I played around with dm-crypt without using initramfs for en-/decryption of my root file system. The rootfs is encrypted plain with cryptsetup and the key is stored at the disk containing the rootfs between MBR and the partition. The kernel parameter given to it from the bootloader is configured as it should be (cryptdevice, cryptkey, root mapper). The disk driver (loaded before) is built-in as well as dm-crypt (loaded after). AES support als ist built in as well as a 5 second root wait delay. The message I got at boot time is this (cr_rootfs is the encrypted rootfs):

VFS: Cannot open root device "mapper/cr_rootfs" or unknown-block(0,0)

According to some hints in the web there is no need to have an initramfs. Is that true? Is dm possible without initramfs? If yes what are the steps to get there and what should I keep into account?

Any suggestions are welcome!

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