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[dm-devel] About function bio_detain in file dm-cache-target.c

Hi all,
    I think bio_detain(in dm-cache-target.c) may cause some bug.
>static int bio_detain(struct cache *cache, dm_oblock_t oblock,
>                      struct bio *bio, struct dm_bio_prison_cell *cell_prealloc,
>                      cell_free_fn free_fn, void *free_context,
>                      struct dm_bio_prison_cell **cell_result)
>       int r;
>        struct dm_cell_key key;

>        build_key(oblock, &key);
>        r = dm_bio_detain(cache->prison, &key, bio, cell_prealloc, cell_result);
>       if (r)
>                free_fn(free_context, cell_prealloc);

>     return r;
If the returned value of dm_bio_detain is not zero, it indicated cell existing.So it should defer bio.
But in dm_bio_detain-->bio_detain--->__bio->detain
>        cell = __search_bucket(prison->cells + hash, key);
>        if (cell) {
>               if (inmate)
>                        bio_list_add(&cell->bios, inmate);
>                *cell_result = cell;
>                return 1;
>        }  
If found the cell, it will add bio to ->bios of cell.

Maybe bio_detain(in dm-cache) is like:
    if (!r)

Jianpeng Ma

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