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Re: [dm-devel] multipath-tools: scsi_id based path priorities and multiple prioritizers

> So, we poked up with code a bit, and wrote up a custom prioritizer,
> called sg_id. (patch for the latest multipath-tools available here:
> http://viktor.ee/multipath-tools-patches/sg_id_prio.patch)
Would the existing weightedpath work for you ?

> And so we’ve played another couple of our hours with multipath-tools
> code allowing it to accept multiple prioritizers in prio
> configuration. (patch here
> http://viktor.ee/multipath-tools-patches/multiprio.patch) 
> In this case, prioritizers should be separated by coma, semicolon or
> space, and the end priority would be a sum of priorities given by all
> of the specified prioritizers. (a single prioritizer value is also
> accepted of course.)
> As an example:
>         prio                  "sg_id, alua"
>         prio_args             "prio_sg_id(default)=0
> prio_sg_id(^[0-2]:0)=100"

> All comments are kindly welcome!

I personnaly find the multi-prioritizer feature interesting.

Let's hear other maintainers' comments ...

Best regards,
Christophe Varoqui

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