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Re: [dm-devel] DM-Verity Tool

Hi All,

Thanks a lot for your support. Now I am able to configure verity target
using both veritysetup & dmsetup.


> On 05/23/2013 08:41 AM, pavankumar p globaledgesoft com wrote:
>> 1. What are the difference between configuring a verity target using
>> dmsetup & veritysetup. Can these be used interchangeably?
> dmsetup is just low level tool, you need to know all table parameters
> while veritysetup will prepare table for you using high level commands
> and on-disk metadata (if present).
>> 2. I tried passing the root hash value generated by veritysetup as a
>> parameter to dmsetup but this doesn't work. On doing dmsetup status, the
>> output is showing as the target corrupted (C). I examined dmesg & found
>> the following error
> Be sure you are using proper parameters, metadata version etc.
> Try activate device with veritysetup, then run "dmsetup table" and
> check what is different in your dmsetup line.
>> 3. After creating a verity target using "veritysetup" how to test the
>> target for corrupted case (As soon as creating the status is Verified
>> (V))
> By corrupting the image? :) See tests/verity-compat-test in cryptsetup
> tree, it is basic regression test which is simulating both data and hash
> corruption (it just dd random data to know offset and expects failure.)
> Milan

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