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Re: [dm-devel] [PATCH 1/1] MD/DM RAID: Fix hang due to recent RAID5 locking changes

On Nov 26, 2013, at 8:32 AM, Brassow Jonathan wrote:

> On Nov 25, 2013, at 11:27 PM, NeilBrown wrote:
>> On Mon, 25 Nov 2013 13:08:56 -0600 Brassow Jonathan <jbrassow redhat com>
>> wrote:
>>> On Nov 25, 2013, at 8:20 AM, Brassow Jonathan wrote:
>>>> On Nov 24, 2013, at 6:03 PM, NeilBrown wrote:
>>>>> On Sun, 24 Nov 2013 17:30:43 -0600 Jonathan Brassow <jbrassow redhat com>
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> When commit 773ca82 was made in v3.12-rc1, it caused RAID4/5/6 devices
>>>>>> that were created via device-mapper (dm-raid.c) to hang on creation.
>>>>>> This is not necessarily the fault of that commit, but perhaps the way
>>>>>> dm-raid.c was setting-up and activating devices.
>>>>>> Device-mapper allows I/O and memory allocations in the constructor
>>>>>> (i.e. raid_ctr()), but nominal and recovery I/O should not be allowed
>>>>>> until a 'resume' is issued (i.e. raid_resume()).  It has been problematic
>>>>>> (at least in the past) to call mddev_resume before mddev_suspend was
>>>>>> called, but this is how DM behaves - CTR then resume.  To solve the
>>>>>> problem, raid_ctr() was setting up the structures, calling md_run(), and
>>>>>> then also calling mddev_suspend().  The stage was then set for raid_resume()
>>>>>> to call mddev_resume().
>>>>>> Commit 773ca82 caused a change in behavior during raid5.c:run().
>>>>>> 'setup_conf->grow_stripes->grow_one_stripe' is called which creates the
>>>>>> stripe cache and increments 'active_stripes'.
>>>>>> 'grow_one_stripe->release_stripe' doesn't actually decrement 'active_stripes'
>>>>>> anymore.  The side effect of this is that when raid_ctr calls mddev_suspend,
>>>>>> it waits for 'active_stripes' to reduce to 0 - which never happens.
>>>>> Hi Jon,
>>>>> this sounds like the same bug that is fixed by 
>>>>> commit ad4068de49862b083ac2a15bc50689bb30ce3e44
>>>>> Author: majianpeng <majianpeng gmail com>
>>>>> Date:   Thu Nov 14 15:16:15 2013 +1100
>>>>> raid5: Use slow_path to release stripe when mddev->thread is null
>>>>> which is already en-route to 3.12.x.  Could you check if it fixes the bug for
>>>>> you?
>>>> Sure, I'll check.  Just reading the subject of the patch, I have high hopes.  The slow path decrements 'active_stripes', which was causing the above problem...  I'll make sure though.
>>> Yes, this patch fixes the issue in 3.12-rc1+.
>>> However, there is still a problem I'm searching for that was introduced in commit 566c09c (at least that's what I get when bisecting).
>>> The problem only shows up when I have taken a snapshot of a RAID5 device and only if I have cycled the device before adding the snapshot:
>>> 1> lvcreate --type raid5 -i 3 -L 20M -n lv vg
>>> 2> lvchange -an vg/lv
>>> 3> lvchange -ay vg/lv
>>> 4> lvcreate -s vg/lv -L 50M -n snap
>>> 5> lvchange -an vg/lv
>>> 6> lvchange -ay vg/lv -- BUG: line 292 of raid5.c
>>> The current bug triggers on the 'BUG_ON(atomic_read(&conf->active_stripes)==0)' in do_release_stripe().  I'm not sure why yet.
>>> brassow
>> I've had a look and I must say I'm not sure either.
>> I keep wondering if something is wrong with the locking in get_active_stripe.
>> The region covered by device_lock is not much smaller with the whole now
>> covered by hash_locks[hash].  I cannot see a problem with the locking but I
>> might be missing something.  A missing atomic_inc of active_stripes in there
>> could cause your problem.
>> As you can easily reproduce, could you try expanding the range covered by
>> device_lock to be the whole branch where sh is not NULL.  If that makes a
>> difference it would be quite instructive.  I don't hold high hopes though.
> Sure, I'll try that.
> I've also found that I hit the BUG() on line 693 of raid5.c:get_active_stripe().


That fixed it - I no longer see any BUG()s or hangs in any of my tests.

I simply move the device_lock to cover the whole 'if (atomic_read(&sh->count)) ... else' conditional.  Seems that the sh->count (and other related bits) are being changed between the time it is checked and the time the lock is acquired.

If I had to guess, I'd say it was possible to have the following condition:
Thread1-1: get_active_stripe(): 'if (atomic_read(&sh->count))' => FALSE
	Thread2-1: Acquire 'device_lock'
	Thread2-2: Enter release_stripe_list
	Thread2-3: Clear STRIPE_ON_RELEASE_LIST while in release_stripe_list
	Thread2-4: call __release_stripe->do_release_stripe->atomic_dec_and_test(&sh->count)
	Thread2-5: Exit release_stripe_list
	Thread2-6: Release 'device_lock'
Thread1-2: Acquire 'device_lock'
Thread1-3: check !STRIPE_ON_RELEASE_LIST --> call BUG();

Right now, get_active_stripe is checking 'count' and then waiting for the lock.  The lock in the current case is simply allowing more time to set the condition that we BUG on.  Moving the lock ensures that 'count' is checked properly along with STRIPE_ON_RELEASE_LIST after they have been manipulated.

If you think the analysis is correct, I can try to clean-up the language a little bit and submit the patch.


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