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Re: [dm-devel] [PATCH 1/1] MD/DM RAID: Fix hang due to recent RAID5 locking changes

On Nov 26, 2013, at 9:12 PM, NeilBrown wrote:

> If a stripe is on the released_stripes list (and has STRIPE_ON_RELEASE_LIST)
> set, it means that a call to __release_stripe is pending, so the ->count must
> be at least 1.
> So we would need some other actor to be holding device_lock, incrementing
> ->count, and  then placing the stripe on the released_stripes list.  I don't
> think that is possible.
> I think I see the race now though (don't know why I couldn't see it
> yesterday .. but knowing it must be there from your testing must have
> helped).
> I think the race is with __get_priority_stripe().  That is the  only place
> other than get_active_stripe() where we can increment ->count from zero.
> So:
>  1-1: get_active_stripe() sees ->count is zero
>  1-2: tried to get device_lock and blocks
>  2-1: meanwhile handle_active_stripes is holding ->device_lock and
>       chooses this stripe from handle list.  It deletes it from the
>       ->lru and increments the count - then releases ->device_lock
>  1-3: get_active_stripe() sees that ->lru is empty, and complains.
> You other BUG is triggered by a difference race caused by the same locking
> problem.
> ->active_stripes counts the number of stripes which have a non-zero ->count,
> or have STRIPE_HANDLE set.  STRIPE_HANDLE can only be set when ->count is
> non-zero, so we just need to update this whenever count reaches zero or
> leaves zero while STRIPE_HANDLE is set.
> This would previously always happen under device_lock.  However
> get_active_stripe() now increments ->count from zero under ->hash_locks.
> This could  race with __release_stripe() which only needs device_lock
> So 
>  1-1: get_active_stripe notices that ->count is not zero and skips locking
>       with device_lock
>  2-1: __release_stripe() decrements ->count to zero and calls
>      do_release_stripe which, as STRIPE_HANDLE is not set, decrements
>      ->active_stripes
>  1-1: get_active_stripe proceeds to increment ->count from zero without a
>       matching increment for ->active_stripes
> so now ->active_stripes is 1 too small and your BUG is not far away.
> So I think we do need to extend the lock region exactly as in the patch you
> tried.
> Sad thing is that Shaohua originally had the code like that but I talked him
> out of it. :-(
> http://www.spinics.net/lists/raid/msg44290.html
> It seems a shame to be taking device_lock here rather than just hash_locks.
> It might be possible to relax that a bit, but first we would need to measure
> if it was worth it.
> This is the patch I'm thinking of for now.  It also fixes up the two BUGs as
> both of them are wrong.
> STRIPE_ON_RELEASE_LIST has no effect on the value of ->lru, so it shouldn't
> be included.  And while STRIPE_EXPANDING justifies an active stripe_head
> being on an lru, it is never ever set for an inactive stripe_head (which is
> always on an lru) so it shouldn't be there either.
> Does that all sound convincing?

Yes.  The proof is in the testing for me though, and things look good there.


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